Thursday, February 10, 2011

untitled (6 Feb. 2011)

I will not acquiese
To those who call me slow
Tho' they cannot keep up
Who labelled me a Dreamer
Because they had no vision
Said I was lazy
While their minds putrefy
And scream at anyone
Who challenges their moldy stance
Think inside the Box
If it makes you feel safe
But do not spit on me
For not doing likewise
Fuck your fears
They will not stop me
Anymore than my own
I don't care about your
Beliefs of what makes the "Top"
When a thought can
Bring it all down so easily
So bide your time
While I spend mine
And fear the onslaught of Death
While I chase after the
Fickle bastard
Laughing and crying
All the way

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