Thursday, February 21, 2013

For all my young friends who struggle

If you can survive
Your youth
Without sacrificing
Your ideals
You can find
Perhaps even a measure of
So persevere
My children
And take strength
From your adversities
Stand tall
Against the weak-willed
Who try to drag you
To their level
For they envy you
And would suck out
Your souls
In yourself
In your dreams
In your worth
The World
Needs you

untitled (1 Feb. '13)

Imprisoned by my Ego
I struggle to be free
My mind is oppressed
With Ego's nonsense
But how does one live without
In a madcap World
Full of drones and sheep
Power-mad and grovellers
And struggling masses
How does one release it
Back into the wild
An answer I've searched
Long for
Tho' in my youth
It had it's uses
To stave off ennui
Or stand against other
Bloated egos
It is only in middle-age
That I see what a quagmire
It truly is
And wish to be rid of it
Once and for all